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More than just coffee

By :Bold Merchant Success 0 comments
More than just coffee

About 5 years ago, at my little sister’s graduation in Brighton, I saw David King, then UK Chief Scientific Advisor, give a speech on climate change. He said, we would need a new 21st Century renaissance period if we were going to effectively address the challenges of population growth, deforestation and food security. That speech inspired this coffee. Source Climate Change Coffee is the result of a collaboration between some very innovative farmers, creative thinkers, coffee tasters and climate scientists. Who all share a passion for good quality coffee, but are also committed to doing business in ways that are good to the planet and to each other. From how we mitigate our environmental footprint to being involved in supporting local communities conservation and reforestation efforts at source. We believe that preventing deforestation, ensuring conservation and restoration of landscapes is absolutely essential in tackling climate change. With this coffee I am delighted to invite you on our journey. Please sip and enjoy! Cristina

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