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My coffee with Sir David King

By :Bold Merchant Success 0 comments
My coffee with Sir David King

Remember that story about my younger sister’s graduation and the man who inspired the making of Source Climate Change coffee? Well, last night I finally had the opportunity to thank Professor Sir David King, now the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, in person. He was on a panel at Westminster on Climate and Development with Greenpeace and CAFOD. After handing him a bag of Source Climate Change Coffee and explaining that he was the inspiration behind it, he very kindly treated to me to a hot cuppa before I caught my train back to Yorkshire. Having now met him personally, I would say that whilst the scientist is definitely visionary and straight talking – what makes him inspirational is his knack for making climate change, something so seemingly complex… so simple. Not to mention the fact that as a person he is warm, engaging and in his own words a ‘quiet optimist’. I’m glad to say, I liked the man… He is originally from South Africa, but left during the apartheid period and eventually settled in in the UK where he had his family and went on to become the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor from 2000 to 2007. He has 22 honorary degrees to his name and has written over 500 academic research papers. He spends 6 days out of 10 travelling abroad and, on behalf of the UK, is very much coordinating the efforts in over 120 countries to make sure we reach a climate change agreement by 2015. He says he is delighted to have been given the opportunity to do the job. I say we couldn’t be in better hands… Until then, keep drinking coffee. Here’s hoping for an illustrious new customer!

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