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The Ultimate Coffee Grinder Guide

By :Annette Clubley 0 comments
The Ultimate Coffee Grinder Guide

Using a coffee grinder for the first time will change the way that you make coffee forever. Grinding fresh coffee beans just before brewing releases the aroma and taste for optimal flavour.

Which coffee grinder should you buy?

There are two main types of coffee grinder: blade and burr.

- Blade grinders have blades which cut the beans. The blades have a tendency to wear down and the coffee grinds are less consistent.

- Burr grinders have two abrasive surfaces that grind the coffee beans down. Flat burr grinders make for more uniform grinds but conical burr coffee grinders are softer on the coffee bean which makes for a better taste.

Manual or electric coffee grinder?

A manual coffee grinder is more sustainable because it uses no electricity. That doesn’t mean to say that the manual coffee grinder is hard work. It is really easy to use. 

That’s why we chose the Homiry manual coffee grinder to team with our single origin organic coffee beans. It is a conical burr coffee grinder which makes the most of our single original organic coffee flavours.

This coffee grinder & coffee bean set would make the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

And the compact size means it takes up less space in the kitchen cabinet. About the same size as a coffee tin. That means it is perfect for travelling too.

Grinding coffee for different coffee brews

A coffee grinder can be used to make a range of coffee brews depending on the settings you use.

- If espresso is your favourite, you’ll need a finely ground coffee.

- Finely ground coffee is also best for your Moka pot - which we also recommend as an eco-friendly alternative to a coffee maker.

- Medium ground coffee is ideal for a drip coffee maker, machine or coffee pot.

- Coarse ground coffee is best for pour over (filter), cold brew or French press coffee.

How to use a coffee grinder

The coffee grinder can hold up to 100 ml (0.4 cups) of ground coffee beans. The grinder has a clear viewing window so you can clearly see the beans in the mill and the measurement beside them. It comes with a handy scoop to add the beans. 

Close the coffee grinder and set the grind size for the type of coffee that you will be brewing - fine, medium or coarse. Then grind the coffee - shaking a few times during use to resettle the beans - it is as simple as that.

The main reason people think twice about coffee grinders is having to clean it out afterwards. The Homiry grinder comes with a cleaning brush that makes cleaning after use easy and quick. 

We recommend you use the used coffee grounds in your compost or to enrich the soil around acid loving plants like camellias and azaleas. 

Buying a really good quality coffee grinder means that it is likely to last a long time. That’s environmentally friendly because you don’t want to send more waste to landfill. The stainless steel Homiry grinder has a high quality finish. Just like our coffee.

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